Eap Rep : Dave Younger​ Centerline complex (3101,3110,3111,3117,3118)
Phone:  586.460.9378   Call or Text   Fax:  586.427.5722
Email:  [email protected] or [email protected]
EAP Rep : Rosalyn Woodward Romulus PDC (312

EAP SERVICES include but are not limited to;

• Communication problems
• Grief and Loss
• Domestic Violence
• Stress
• Family Problems
• Dealing with change
• Chronic and Severe Illness
• Addiction and Mental Health services
• Financial issues
• Conflict Resolution
• Confidential Reinstatement to work (RTW)


The UAW Employee Assistance program is a 100% VOLUNTARY and 100% CONFIDENTIAL program offered to UAW members and their families.  EAP is available to assist the Membership with life’s challenges, whether work related or not,we are here to be your advocate.  Our goal is to not only assist, but to assess you and your situation so we can help find theproper resources.  

EAP is not only for those who are struggling, we pride ourselves on being available to the Membership for any questions they may have, EAP related or not.  We want you to know you have people who care and make sure you get correct and truthful information.  We will either answer your question, find someone who can, or help direct you to the proper resource for whatever your situation is.

If you are going out on Sick and Accident, make sure you call 800.810.2271 as soon as possible, if you are unable to call have a spouse or guardian do so for you.  The next step is setting up your disability claim with Sedgwick, this must be done within 5 days of your first absence to avoid termination.  If you are entering a program through the EAP Department or are going to want a confidential return to work make sure you give the facility/Doctor your EAP’s information and sign the release with them so your EAP can receive the information needed to assist you.

If you feel you are being harassed at work, or that you are being put in an unsafe situation contact the ethics hotline800.543.1391.  In order for a case to be opened DO NOT FILE A CASE AS ANONYMOUS.  Make sure you submit statements including times, dates, and possible witnesses to back up your claim, along with pictures (if applicable).  If you have witnesses and they are willing, include statements from them as well.  


If you or a loved one are in a life threatening situation call 911immediately.  If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide or self-harm and are not comfortable talking to EAP about it please call 988, it is a great resource and there are people standing by to help 24/7.