TAP Program

An increase of $3,000 was gained for Tuition Assistance and the book reimbursement for degree-related books was increased by $800. The Sholarship for Dependent Children agreement, supplemental members are now eligible to use the SFDC benefit, and the overall benefit increased from $1,500 to $1,600. Also, if both parents are active FCA employees, they will be eligible for the benefit up to $3,200 per eligible dependent provided out-of-pocket expenses are substantiated. Additional gains include high school dependents that are dual enrolled in post-secondary degree programs are now eligible to receive the benefit, the grade requirement was enhanced to passing grades and the application process was improved to allow SFDC applications to be submitted after the end of the semester. Finally, the joint administration of the Tuition Assistance Program and Scholarship for Dependent Children program was regained. In addition, a standardized documented appeal process will be implemented for the TAP & SFDC programs.

                                                                       TAP & SFDC Programs

Job Realted Degree Programs                  8,000 for tution assitance 

Books for Job Related Programs                   1,000 for books

Scholarship for Dependent Children                  1,600